Head of School Search
Candidate Recruitment and Search Process

Outstanding Candidates

  • We follow a disciplined approach to identifying, recruiting and evaluating high potential candidates.
  • We target and recruit those leaders who match the profile of the ideal candidate for your school’s distinct culture and specific needs.
  • We look for leaders who have done very good work… but not yet their best work.
  • We work very hard and with increasing success to have a diverse pool of candidates.

Great Resources

  • Educational leaders throughout the world, with whom we have long-standing relationships, are our most trusted resources, and they lead us to the very best candidates.
  • Our proprietary database provides access to information on all independent schools, and their heads and senior administrators.
  • Our search report, The Blue Sheet, reaches head of school prospects throughout the U.S. and internationally.

Evaluation and Due Diligence

  • We are known for our thorough evaluation of candidates and emphasis on due diligence.
  • We get on the phone, get in the car and build strong relationships with candidates and successful school leaders.
  • We have multiple conversations, including comprehensive personal, behavioral and competency-based interviews.
  • We arrange third party background checks for semifinalists.
  • We prepare and coach the search committee for conducting extensive reference checks for each finalist.

Thorough and Thoughtful Process

  • We focus on fewer searches in order to ensure outstanding outcomes.
  • We give the process depth and manage stakeholder participation efficiently and constructively.
  • We engage the Search Committee and the Board of Trustees in strategic discussions about the future of the school and the qualities of the ideal candidate.
  • We engage with all members of the school community through surveys, focus groups and on campus meetings
  • We assist the onboarding and transition process throughout the first year and beyond.
  • "Open" or "closed" search? We believe that inclusivity and transparency are critical components of a successful search. However, a few high potential candidates may not agree to go through an "open" search process. We assist your search in combining the advantages of a "closed" search with the appropriate inclusivity and transparency of an "open" search.

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